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brand development

building a brand.

For us we believe that developing a brand is a lot like building a home. First you have to build a solid foundation and structure, fill it up with things that reflect who you are, and then you start inviting others in to share it with you.  Granted, it is a little more complicated than that but we are here to walk you through step-by-step from where ever you new journey begins.

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brand development & consulting. (foundation)

Creating a brand is about more than a logo and what you look like, it is about who you are, what you do, and how your audience/clients/customers perceive you. When we help you create your brand we help you create a solid identity from the inside out, laying the foundation of who you are and helping others get to know you. We also help you get to know your audience better because after all, they are why you are here. 

design. (structure)

Once your have the foundation of your brand it is time to start building your brand identity and the structure for it. How, when and where will your audience interact with you? Do you interact with them in person? Online? Through events? Multiple channels? This is where we build the look and feel of your brand along with creating all of the places where your content is housed for your audience: Logo, colors, fonts, website, online courses, print and digital materials, social media templates, newsletters, catalogs, packaging, business products, and more. 

written and visual content creation. (contents)

Your messaging and content is what draws your audience in. Is your brand messaging making the impact you want? If not, we can help you with either refreshing and polishing your existing content or help you create new written or visual materials to more effectively connect with your audience. 

the process.


Most of our clients start with a Discovery Call to discuss the basics of your business and your needs. If we think we will be a good fit we will send you a detailed Questionnaire to complete which will give us more information about your project. Next we will send you out a basic Proposal, Contract, and Invoice for you to approve. Once we have received your signed proposal and contract with your first payment we will schedule your first Brand Strategy and Onboarding appointment to start your Branding Journey with us. 

We kick off your Onboarding with a welcome packet which will include additional information about services available to you, how to share documents, schedule appointments, and communication methods. There will also be homework assignments for you, a detailed project timeline, and other helpful information. Next you will begin gathering and sharing with us as much existing information and content for your business/brand as possible. We will then identify all of the people who may need to assist you with your branding journey and schedule our creative and strategy meetings.

 Think of this as our in-depth getting to know you and housekeeping phase.

During your Brand Strategy session we will establish the vision and business parts of your brand. This will include your: Audience, Personas, Market Analysis, Competitive Landscape, Messaging, Basic Marketing Strategy, a list of prioritized projects, and more.

All clients who work with us for Brand Development participate in a creating a Brand Strategy as either part of a package or as a stand alone service because we believe a brand strategy is the core of all brands.

During your Brand Discovery and Development session we establish the story and voice (non-visual elements) of your brand. This will include your brand’s: Mission, Vision, Values, Personality, and more.

During your Brand Identity session we will being working on the visual elements of your brand. This will include your logo/wordmark, secondary logos, brand assets, colors, fonts, usage rules, and understanding how and where your brand in action will be seen and interacted with.

Absolutely! Once your Brand and Brand Identity has been fully established we can create cohesive written and visual content for all of your marketing needs.

Yes. We can create or redesign your website as part of a Brand Development package or as it’s own project.

That depends.  We can help create your business products (stationery, flyers, brochures, posters, menus, price lists, etc), newsletters, catalogs, programs, product packaging, and more. We can also help create your online courses and webinars. We do not offer video or pod-cast services at this time but we are happy to refer you for this service.

While we would love to work with you to create a social media strategy, help you set up your various channels, and we do create templates for social media, we do not do offer social media management at this time. We are happy to make referrals for this service for you. 

Each client comes to us from a different point in their Branding Journey. We don’t know what point you will be starting from or which products and services you need just yet. We might just be doing some light remodeling or we might be building your custom dream home from scratch. No matter where you are starting from though we will work with you to prioritize your projects so you get the biggest return on your investment. Brand Strategy investments start at $5000.

ready to see what we can do for your brand?

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“I never would have conceived of my books in this way on my own.”

- kathryn trueblood -
Graphic Design/Logo: Grey Bair Media Group Logo

Bair Media Group is a boutique creative agency specializing in small business and personal branding. We offer consulting services along with a full suite of integrated written and visual communication solutions for individuals, small businesses, solopreneurs, fellow creatives, and nonprofits. 


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