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Case Study: Bair Media Group’s Brand Development Services for Kathryn Trueblood

Introduction: Bair Media Group is a full-service branding and marketing agency that specializes in helping authors and creative professionals elevate their brand presence. This case study outlines the successful collaboration between Bair Media Group and author Kathryn Trueblood to transform her brand and develop a cohesive marketing strategy to promote her work.

Background: Kathryn Trueblood, an accomplished author, approached Bair Media Group seeking assistance in updating her website to give it a fresh look. However, upon delving deeper into Kathryn’s work and her upcoming book, it became apparent that a more comprehensive approach was needed. The goal was not only to revamp her website but to develop a new branding and marketing strategy that would align with the themes and tone of her upcoming book and attract a target audience interested in medical narratives.



  1. Author Rebranding: Create a new brand identity that aligns with Kathryn Trueblood’s upcoming book’s theme and appeals to the target audience interested in medical narratives.
  2. Marketing and Promotional Strategies: Develop a comprehensive marketing plan to effectively promote Kathryn’s new book and enhance her overall brand visibility.
  3. Website Redesign: Overhaul Kathryn’s existing website, transforming its appearance from a soft and feminine design to a darker, more clinical and unified look.
  4. Promotional Materials for Book Launch: Design eye-catching promotional materials for the launch of Kathryn’s new book that align with her updated brand image.
  5. Author/Publicity Headshots: Produce new headshots that reflect Kathryn’s new image, featuring high contrast, moody, and serious tones.


  1. Discovery Phase: Bair Media Group conducted in-depth discussions with Kathryn Trueblood to understand her literary work, her upcoming book, and her vision for the brand’s evolution. The team analyzed her existing website, promotional materials, and previous marketing efforts.

  2. Brand Strategy: Based on the insights gathered, Bair Media Group devised a new brand strategy that shifted Kathryn’s positioning from chick lit to medical narratives. This strategic repositioning aimed to attract a more specific audience interested in medical stories and establish Kathryn as a compelling voice in that genre.

  3. Website Redesign: The agency commenced the website redesign process, incorporating the new brand identity and theme. The design transitioned from a soft, outdated, and feminine appearance to a darker, more clinical look that resonated with Kathryn’s target audience. The website was optimized to showcase book information, promote book clubs, and enable direct purchases of her works.

  4. Marketing Plan: Bair Media Group developed a comprehensive marketing plan tailored to Kathryn Trueblood’s objectives. This plan included targeted advertising, social media campaigns, book tour arrangements, media appearances, and collaborations with influencers and book clubs.

  5. Promotional Materials: Eye-catching promotional materials were created to augment the launch of Kathryn’s new book. These materials, including posters, banners, and online graphics, maintained a consistent and unified look that reflected the new brand identity.

  6. Author/Publicity Headshots: To reflect Kathryn’s repositioned image, Bair Media Group organized a professional photoshoot that captured her new brand persona. The resulting headshots conveyed high contrast, moody, and serious aesthetics, which were consistent with her updated brand identity.


  1. Brand Identity: A refreshed brand identity that positioned Kathryn Trueblood as an author specializing in medical narratives, catering to a niche audience with a specific interest in the genre.

  2. Marketing Strategy: A well-rounded marketing plan to maximize the exposure of Kathryn’s new book and strengthen her overall brand presence in the literary community.

  3. Website Redesign: A revamped website that featured a cohesive design, offered improved user experience, and facilitated direct book purchases.

  4. Promotional Materials: Visually appealing and unified promotional materials for the launch of Kathryn’s new book, capturing the essence of her repositioned brand.

  5. Author/Publicity Headshots: Professional headshots that reflected Kathryn’s updated brand persona, contributing to a consistent visual representation across various platforms.

Results: The collaboration between Kathryn Trueblood and Bair Media Group led to remarkable outcomes:

  1. Increased Audience Engagement: The brand development efforts resulted in increased engagement on Kathryn’s website, social media platforms, and book events, as the new brand identity resonated with her target audience.

  2. Higher Book Sales: The revamped website, optimized for book sales, allowed Kathryn to sell more copies directly to readers, increasing her revenue and fostering a stronger author-reader connection.

  3. Positive Reviews and Reception: The repositioning of Kathryn as a medical narratives author received positive feedback from readers, critics, and fellow authors, establishing her as a significant voice in the genre.

  4. Unified Brand Image: The cohesive branding approach ensured that all aspects of Kathryn’s marketing materials, website, and headshots aligned with her new image, projecting a professional and consistent brand identity.

  5. Enhanced Author Visibility: The successful launch of Kathryn’s new book and the associated marketing efforts boosted her visibility in the literary community and attracted new opportunities for collaboration and media exposure.

Conclusion: Bair Media Group’s brand development services played a pivotal role in transforming Kathryn Trueblood’s brand identity and marketing strategy. By repositioning her as a medical narratives author and unifying her brand image across various platforms, Kathryn achieved heightened audience engagement, increased book sales, and received positive recognition within her target genre. The success of this collaboration serves as a testament to the effectiveness of Bair Media Group’s comprehensive approach to brand development and marketing strategies for authors and creative professionals.


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